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Critical OS X, Safari updates available now

But as it turns out, those unknown flaws, or zero-days, also affected Safari and Apple's computer operating system OS X, given that the mobile and regular version of Safari share the same codebase.

The issue was first discovered when UAE human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor received suspicious text messages last month.

Apple has closed the vulnerability with its latest version of iOS.

When news broke last month that three unsafe software vulnerabilities in Apple's mobile operating system were discovered, the Cupertino, Calif. -based electronics giant sounded the alarm and quickly pushed out a software update to its customers. The vulnerabilities allow hackers and attackers to take control of a device remotely.

Six stars fight it out to win Celebrity Big Brother
On his relationship with Chloe Khan he said: "You can't have a girlfriend in two weeks", adding that he'd "love to see her again". Ricky Norwood then congratulated his fellow finalists before the lights flickered back on. "This is Big Brother".

Nevertheless, Mac users would be well advised to update their computers sooner rather than later. "According to Apple's advisory, the impact of the vulnerability is that" visiting a maliciously crafted website may lead to arbitrary code execution".

Apple has also released an update to its popular web browser Safari.

Citizen Labs believes the United Arab Emirates is behind the targeting of Mansoor - who has apparently been on the receiving end of similar "lawful intercept" malware several times before. Pegusus consists of three zero-day exploits-attacks on flaws in Apple's code that nobody knew existed before now-that can completely take over a targeted device. Apple is now urging all El Capitan and Yosemite users to update their desktops to prevent cybercriminals from installing spy software on their systems. They reported that the tool the hackers were using is called Pegasus and was developed by a company that specializes in cyber weapons and sells those to governments for use against high-value targets. Or will Apple release patches for them later?

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  • GST Bill to be sent for presidential assent

    GST Bill to be sent for presidential assent

    Parsekar who is also the Finance Minister, termed the GST Bill as "historical", "revolutionary" and "far thinking". Stating that e-commerce facilitates competition, it made a case for the sector to be exempt from GST net.

    North Korea rejects United Nations council's condemnation

    Last month, 38 North reported that the North was building infrastructure to construct new submarines at the Sinpo South Shipyard. Still, they have accused each other of deploying machine guns and other heavy weapons and combat troops inside the zone.
    There they are: 52 Miss America contestants in Atlantic City

    There they are: 52 Miss America contestants in Atlantic City

    The contestants pose for a group photograph during Miss America Pageant arrival ceremonies Tuesday, Aug. 30, in Atlantic City.
  • Hawaii dodges Madeline damage, prepares for second storm

    Hawaii dodges Madeline damage, prepares for second storm

    A second Pacific hurricane, called Lester, was far from Hawaii, and expected to weaken to a tropical storm as it passes the state. A state of emergency was declared in Hawaii on Wednesday as the South Pacific islands brace for Hurricane Madeline's impact.
    Irish government undecided on Apple tax appeal

    Irish government undecided on Apple tax appeal

    We don't move intellectual property offshore and use it to sell products back into the U.S.to avoid USA taxes. But Brussels found these existed "only on paper " and could not have generated the profits they received.
    Marco Rubio, Patrick Murphy win Florida Senate primaries

    Marco Rubio, Patrick Murphy win Florida Senate primaries

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz managed to edge out her primary opponent, progressive law professor Tim Canova , in her Tuesday primary. Canova, who was backed by former Democratic presidential candidate Vermont Sen. "I think she was treated unfairly, that's all".
  • Wednesday's Red Sox-Rays matchups: Steven Wright vs. Drew Smyly

    The Mets have now moved past the Marlins in the wild card chase, and sit just two and a half games behind St. Beckham was standing at 2nd base with 2-outs when Kevin Kiermaier hit a slow single to right center field.
    SpaceX rocket explodes at launch site in Florida

    SpaceX rocket explodes at launch site in Florida

    The satellite was part of Facebook's Internet.org initiative and would be used to deliver internet to the developing world. The explosion occurred at Launch Complex 40 at the Air Force station , right next door to Kennedy Space Centre.

    Fellaini comes to aid of United fan after late goal

    Phelan added that midfielder Robert Snodgrass, who went off injured early in the second half, had suffered a calf problem. We're in the market for players. "We deserved [to win] and in a more comfortable way".
  • Keane: Time Was Right To Make The Move

    So I give the other guys, who are not selected for the national teams, two days - and I give four days to Zlatan. We know we will draw or lose matches but the mentality has to be go to win.

    Brady makes trip with Patriots to Carolina

    Furry one and to me I don't know you know entails Tom Brady get any playing time at all but that's not for that matter. Aaron Rodgers will make his one and only preseason appearance on Friday night at San Francisco.

    Palestinian rocket strikes Israeli town near Gaza

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday said the Islamic State was the "likely perpetrator" of the attack. The supplies were first shipped to Israel's southern port of Ashdod, where they were unloaded and sent on to Gaza.

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Super Mario Maker continues its reign on 3DS
Super Mario Maker is yet another port coming to 3DS (although it was originally announced for the handheld and not the Wii U). Nintendo's success on the handheld side is why the NX is nearly certainly going to be a handheld system first and foremost.

Russian hackers accessed 2 U.S. voter databases
In Arizona, hackers unsuccessfully tried to breach the voter registration system using malicious software, reports said . According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation alert , one of the IP addresses was associated with both breaches.

Acer Made The Touchscreen Chromebook We've Been Waiting For
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Facebook adds 'instant video' option to texts in Messenger
In a blog post announcing the new feature, Facebook describes Instant Video as a "reflection of the ubiquity of video". To use instant video , both parties must have the latest version of Facebook Messenger on either iOS or Android.

Auto Sales Starting to Hit the Brake
Cut#3 'Ford vans overall were up 13 percent in August, with 20,355 vans sold, and that was our best August in company history. Under the new method, reported sales would have been higher in 2011, 2013 and 2016 to date, and lower in 2012, 2014 and 2015.

BBC iPlayer Users Now Need A TV License In The UK
They are not required to enter any details such as address or licence fee number, and do not have to sign in. This includes providers which can be accessed through a TV set including Freeview, Virgin Media and Amazon.

Libertarians hope to land spot in presidential debates
Johnson and Weld will instead appear as independents in the Buckeye State this November, The Washington Examiner said Monday. One of them, and perhaps the most realistic, is if Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson somehow makes the debate cutoff.

NFL to announce Thursday that 2017 draft headed to Philly
He added at a news conference Thursday that players will walk up the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps after they are drafted . The NFL Draft has been hosted in Chicago, Illinois the past two years and it seems like Philadelphia will be the next stop.

Facebook Introduces Live Streaming 'Instant Video' Feature in Messenger App
Another good rule of thumb is that any feature developed by Snapchat is coming soon to a Facebook product near you. To use the feature, you and your friend will need the latest version of Messenger for iOS or Android.

Australia to conduct 'meaty' review after Sri Lanka flop
This news story is related to Latest/146718-Australia-beat-Sri-Lanka-clinch-ODI-series/ - breaking news, latest news, pakistan ne. Cricket Australia also regularly sends "A" and youth teams to the subcontinent but some were failing to adapt, Sutherland said.

Let's get ready for annular solar eclipse today
The eclipse is expected to occur between 7:15 a.m. and 10:03 a.m. with slight variations in actual timing across the country. The United States will witness the total solar eclipse in August 2017 for the first time in 37 years.

Nest developers to join Google's IoT team
Google is apparently very serious about this product because it has even taken engineers from Nest to work on the project. We believe Nest's engineers can prove to be a vital asset for Google Home, making third-party integrations possible.

New Bang & Olufsen Wireless BeoSound 1 & 2 Speakers Launch From $1495
They also have proximity sensors, which can detect where you are in the room and adjust the control dial's position accordingly. The BeoSound 2 is bigger and more powerful which is why it's not meant to be carried around.

Louise crumbles under pressure of biscuit week in Great British Bake Off
Despite many reports that the show is in crisis, the Great British Bake Off is not in any danger of falling apart. Fans can expect to see Sue appear as part of the history section of the show which is pre-recorded.

Meet The Six Playable Titans Of 'Titanfall 2'
Titanfall 2 will also mark the debut of a crafted single player experience that explores the unique bond between man and machine. Its gun can also deploy a protective shield and lock onto enemies, once its Smart Core is powered up.